Timo Hofstee

Hello, Welcome to my website. If you know everything about internet marketing, conversion rates, WordPress, email list building, affiliate marketing, CTR, WSO, CPA, GPT sites, landing pages, kindle writing, blogging, etc. etc. then I don’t think you will find a lot of useful information on my site.

However, if you’re not an internet marketing guru, and if you want to learn about all this terminology and concepts, in an easy to understand language, then I invite you to follow my blog.

I will post regularly new posts on what I’m doing and what did work and what not. Hopefully my hints, tips & tricks will help you in your own efforts to make a living on the internet, or at least make you some pocket-money.

Because I’m pretty deep into Kindle publishing, I currently write a lot on that topic. So if you’re a book author , bookmark this page or signup for my free newsletter.

For starters you can download my FREE e-book, by filling out the form at the right of this page. You will also receive exclusive content which is not published on my blog and get notified on my free book promotions.


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