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Welcome to my website.  My name is Timo. I’ve lived and worked in a lot of places all over the world. Amsterdam, Paris, London and at the moment I’m living in the sunny South of France between Cannes and Monaco.  I speak English, French, Dutch and I can handle in German.

After 25+ years working as an engineer for several multinational companies, I decided that it was time to setup my own business. So I said to myself “what am I good at and what would I like doing”? I like reading and writing. And I have a strong interest in anything that is technology related. Computers, software, electronic gadgets, internet.

Another requirement for my future business was, that I could run it on my own, or at least with minimal staff, and with minimal startup costs. So I started to read about the different opportunities that allowed me to make a living from my remote office, anywhere in the world.

Obviously my research started with a search on Google with something like “home business opportunities”. That gave me about pages as a result. Hmmm, that’s a lot. So I started reading and studying all the different ways there exist to make a living on the internet.

And although I had been in the technical world for a long time, I had never imagined that there were so many possibilities to make a living on the internet. And I discovered that there are literally hundreds of ways you can earn honestly money on the internet. But where to start? The amount of information was absolutely overwhelming.

Moreover, I had to dive into a subject , Internet marketing (IM) , where I didn’t know anything about. Yes, there is a lot of information about the subject, scattered all around over the internet. But, for certain topics, when reading about it, I had difficulties in grasping certain concepts.  And I said to myself : Isn’t there a place somewhere where someone explains all this in SIMPLE terms? And since I didn’t find one, and I had to go through all this material anyway, I decided to make a website on it. If I’m going to spend months or years on the subject, I might as well write about it, in a SIMPLE way.

 And maybe this will be useful for other people. So that they don’t have to do the 10 months research and reading that I’ve done myself. Of course, this site cannot contain every possible way of how to make money on the internet. But over time, it will become a good collection of all kinds of things that YOU can do also to start your online business.

I will regularly, at least once a week, post what I’m working on. Be it affiliate marketing, creating backlinks, writing an ebook, making a video or selling on Ebay or Amazon. There’s enough material to keep me busy for the next 50 years or so.

In my quest for information I’ve come across great blogs and other websites from really great people and entrepreneurs. Over time, I will introduce you to some of these. But I can already tell you that some of them have amazing stories to tell (and make a more then a comfortable living with their internet business).

Why “OnlineMoneyExplained”? Well, to be honest, that was the first thing that popped up in my mind when I started to think about my website. Because this will be a long and winding road, where I will find my way to financial freedom and live the life as I’ve always wanted it to be. Actually, after having read lots of information about keyword research, domain names etc.  I probably should have taken another domain name. But as they say : The first impressions are sometimes the best. So I just kept that name. We’ll see what comes out of it.

I hope you will also succeed in this exiting world of online opportunities and make your dream come true of financial freedom. Is this easy? Well, there are some very easy ways to make some money, but I’m talking about a business. You won’t find any get-rich-quick schemes on my site. Because an online business is hard work. You have to dedicate time and effort to grow and be patient to harvest the results.

I’m not a marketing guru. And it is not my objective to become one.  However, if I can contribute to YOUR success , I will be glad to help you. You can mail me anytime, any day. And I will try to answer all your questions.

On this site you will see affiliate offers. This means that these are references to products and/or services that I recommend and if you buy these, I will get a commission. I will recommend things that I have reviewed, used and  tested myself.  Including all the positive AND less positive things.

Honesty has always been one of my primary values in life, and I don’t see why I should change that. Actually, I don’t consider myself a good salesman at all, but if you are really excited about something, be it a piece of software or a computer or a book, then you don’t have to sell it anymore. Your enthusiasm will be transmitted to your readers (hopefully) and they will maybe want to have a look at that product themselves.

Well, that’s enough for now . I hope you enjoy reading my blog and how I proceed in this new adventure in my life (and failures, because there will be).

And I would like to close this introduction with a quote from Vidal Sassoon

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”





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