Amazon Reviews Exposed. The Truth about Amazon Reviews

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Amazon Reviews Exposed is an Invaluable Resource for Amazon Authors and Sellers!

Anyone that is selling eBooks or other products on Amazon will sooner or later ask the question: “How do I get reviews?”

Reviews influence sales. And since there is financial gain at stake, certain authors and sellers don’t hesitate to game the system with fake reviews.

This book has valuable information that you NEED to know.

How are fake reviews created? And do they work? How many fake reviews are there on Amazon? How do you detect them? What does Amazon do about these reviews (WARNING!! Your Amazon account may be at stake)? How do reviews influence sales? Does it pay to use fake reviews? Or are there ethical ways to get genuine reviews?

The author thoroughly investigated the obscure world of fake reviews, bought reviews, review circles and other “black hat” tactics that people use in an attempt to trick the Amazon review system. This book is about his amazing discoveries.

For a laugh, the author included an hilarious chapter with fake review bloopers and a top 10 of the most funny reviews.

So if you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes of Amazon reviews, or have been thinking about buying reviews, don’t hesitate to get Amazon Reviews Exposed.

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