Are you prepared to pay for your education in making money online?

DSC04749Hello, welcome to my blog.  But wait, why did you get here in the first place? Did someone told you about my website? That’s not possible, because it isn’t even online. (Did I configure that “under construction” WP plugin correctly?) . Well, anyway now that you’re here, let me tell you my story…..

A while ago, my last boss decided that he didn’t need my services anymore. Ok, fine. Everything has a beginning and an end. Even a corporate career.  And although I’m a little bit older than the average Justin Bieber fan, I was still far from retirement. Also, my bank account didn’t allow me to take a one way trip to the Bahama’s and sit on the beach , zipping pina coladas  for the rest of my life.

In short, I had to figure out what the next move would be in my life, because I still had my rent and other bills to pay for. So, what to do?

This situation may sound familiar to some of you. So let’s see what my options were:

  • Go hunt for another job. Now some people prefer this option because it gives “job security”. But does it? Let’s face it. When you have a 9 to 5 job, whatever the company and whatever level, your future still depends heavily on how this company will perform as a whole.They may be taken over, or they may completely mess up with a product launch, or whatever. In short, your job, and its associated “security” depends heavily on the performance of the pyramid that is above you. They make a mistake and your whole division, section ,group or even country may be whipped of the map with one signature of the CEO.

    So it’s not your performance, or your deliverables or whatever you are supposed to do that is put into question. It’s just… well, bad luck. So if you think about it, if you pick up a job, the “security” of keeping it depends heavily on other people above you. Sounds pretty scary doesn’t it? But that’s the reality.

  • Another option could have been to startup my own brick and mortar business. Now for those of you that have done (or tried) this option, it’s not a secret that in most of the cases this takes a considerable investment. In time AND in money. One call to my bank manager was enough to realize that this option was a non-go for me.
  • Another option would be to setup a business online. A couple of years ago, I ran an Ebay business with reasonable success, so why not do it again? The only problem with that business was that I was spending a lot of time with the handling of the goods. Finding the products, making the listings and shipping and handling. It was a LOT of work, but at least I was my own boss.  But it didn’t scale. I’ll write more about this in a future post.

In short, I wanted to setup a business online, but without the physical handling and shipping of products. So one day I sat down, and I typed into Google “make money online”. Result : pages!!  That is over 2 BILLION pages. Wow! That would keep me busy for the next decade to read all of that. And apparently I’m not the only one who is interested in the subject :)

So I started reading and reading and reading. And I ordered a couple of books  Maybe  40 or 50. About internet marketing, blogging, ebooks etc.  And I discovered a whole new world. The world of internet marketing . With its bloggers, its spammers, its forums, books, scams and what have you. Some of it was good, some of it was average and some really bad. A world with a complete new vocabulary for me. About keywords, SEO, Google analytics, article submitters, backlinks and all the rest of it.

Now this took me time and money. But that’s normal if you start a new venture in life. A couple of years ago , I was a day trader. And I approached it in the same way : I bought about 50 books on the subject and studied for about 6 months. Started paper trading (=trading with virtual money).

And when I had mastered a reasonable level, I started trading for real. Now, that changes a lot!! Trading a million dollars virtual money is a piece of cake. Trading with 100 REAL dollars is a completely different thing. Now you suddenly have to master all kinds of emotions that you don’t have with paper trading.

In short, it’s called greed and fear. The greed to earn more when you have a winner, and the fear to lose a lot when you’re sitting on a loser. And I started off with a couple of losses. Normal. It’s called learning money. Now this site is not about investing or trading, so I will end this short story here.

The point that I was trying to make is : When you are going to start an online business, you are going to pay “learning money”. Either in time or in real money.

Are you prepared for that? Ok. Great ! That’s a good starting point.  Note that if you choose this road, you have to stick with it for a couple of years. So really think seriously about it. There is no short way to success. If there is, leave a comment below, and I will write about it next time.


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