GIMP for Beginners. Make your own professional book covers with FREE software !

udemy cover 2

After my Ebay business (I’m now at 4200 positive evaluations) ,my  Kindle books, my weed-shirts,  I decided to launch my own online courses. I’m proud to announce my new course : “GIMP for Beginners : Create Your Own Professional Book Covers with FREE Software “     This 6,5 hour … Continue reading

Detailed Analysis of Amazon New KU Payout. Your revenues may triple !

Amazon KU analysis

On June 15th, Amazon announced that they will change the reward system of their KU borrows from 1st July onward. In short, in the past , 1 borrow of a book would earn the author a payout of the ‘KU pot’. So if the pot was $5.000.000 and there were … Continue reading