How to get an 80% conversion rate?

80 percent conversion rateAs most people who are managing a website and who are into internet marketing, I’m also subscribed to a couple of newsletters. Lately I got some mails from someone who claimed an 80% conversion rate.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I get a 10% conversion rate on a sales page, I’m pretty satisfied. So when I saw these messages  I thought by myself: “Timo, You haven’t understood anything about how to sell your stuff”.

I took a double whiskey, a couple of tranquilizers and went to bed. Disgusted.

The next day my curiosity was still killing me. I mean, how come that other guys are converting 7 or 8 times more than me and all the other poor marketers?

What is his secret? So I have to admit : Yes, I looked on his pages.

Now, before I’m going to reveal the secret, maybe I first should recall here what a CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and CR (Conversion Rate) are..

Click Trough Rate (CTR)

When a website , with an advertisement , is put up in front of a website user, we call that an ‘impression’. So when 100 people get onto that page, 100 people will see the ad and you have 100 impressions.

Now, unless you have something really EXCEPTIONAL to offer, like ‘Do you want me to wire $1.000.000 into your bank account’ (and not even sure that that would work  ), only a certain percentage of the people that have seen the ad, will actually click on it.

Notice that when I say ‘have seen the ad’, actually means, ‘the webpage+ad was shown to the user’ (1 impression). But there is no real proof that the user indeed SAW the ad.

When you put up a page with 30 ads, maybe 1 or 2 will attract the user’s eye in the next 2 or 3 seconds. If not, it is “click back” or “close window”. All ads have been displayed and counted as 1 impression (each).

So if on 100 impressions, 10 people click on the ad, the Click Through Rate (CTR) is 10/100 = 10%.

In more general

This percentage is of course highly dependent on the type of ad or link, the image, the offer and if your user is part of the market you are targeting.

In general, a CTR between 2% and 10% is considered rather good.

Conversion rate

Let’s do this with an example. You have a sales page on which you explain a product with a big “Buy Now” button on the screen. Your objective is, that people who see this page, will actually click on the buy button and finalize the whole buying cycle.

Hence the desired ACTION on this sales page is : “user clicks on ‘buy now’ and buys”. You have now “converted” a viewer into a real buying and paying customer. Not everyone who sees your sales page will actually also click on the buy button.

If , out of 100 persons who are shown your sales page, 2 click on the buy button and actually buy, you have converted 2 out of 100, or 2% . Your CR for that page is 2%.

More general:

Here also, it depends a lot what link you are showing, where, how big, the offer, the promise etc.etc. The better your offer ‘converts’, the higher this percentage.

Now let’s combine the two together. Assume you have 10.000 people per month coming onto your page A where you show a link to an offer . Something like “Check out this amazing offer”. So this link is shown (or ‘impressed’) , 10.000 times per month. Let’s assume that 5% (CTR) clicks on that link.

That makes  5% * 10.000= 500 , will be directed to the next page, where you show all the details about your offer with a “Buy Now” button.

Let’s assume that out of these 500 persons, 2% (CR) clicks on this button and actually BUY your product (or an affiliate product).

This makes : 2% * 500 = 10 sales.

So on 10.000 visitors per month , you make 10 sales. To make the calculation even simpler you can do it as follows :

Sales = CTR x CR x N°_of_visitors.

In the above example :

Sales = (5% x 2%) x 10.000 = (0,05 x 0,02) x 10.000= 0,001 x 10000=10

It is important to understand the functioning of this formula. Your sales are determined by 3 factors :

-The number of visitors to your site
-The CTR on a page
-The CR for your offer

Suppose that you want to double your sales. What can you do ?

  1. Double the traffic to your site
  2. Double your CTR
  3. Double your CR

I think it may be clear that it is probably MUCH easier to work on your CTR and/or CR then trying to double the traffic. Because getting a better CTR or CR is just a matter of continuously tweaking your site and see what happens with your CTR and CR.

Ok, now that we have established exactly what CTR and CR are, let’s see how we can obtain a CR of 80%….

80 percent conversion rate