GIMP for Beginners. Make your own professional book covers with FREE software !

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udemy cover 2After my Ebay business (I’m now at 4200 positive evaluations) ,my  Kindle books, my weed-shirts,  I decided to launch my own online courses. I’m proud to announce my new course :

“GIMP for Beginners : Create Your Own Professional Book Covers with FREE Software “



This 6,5 hour video course was drawn from my bestseller “The complete Cover Creation Guide“, available on Amazon.

Everyone that signs up will also get a FREE copy of my book “How to Make Book Covers That Sell. Everything You Need to Know about Book Cover Design“.


Here are some evaluations of my course :


“Excellent Course

This course is incredible. Moving from Photoshop I wanted to learn GIMP and now feel I know the program better than I ever knew Photoshop (even learned a lot more about how to use PS). The professional mockups of popular covers was extremely helpful in applying everything one learned.”

“Excellent Course

This course was perfect for me as someone that wanted to use GIMP but had no idea where to start. Everything is explained very well and I used it side by side with my own efforts to try out each part. The quizzes are really good to test your knowledge and each time I got something wrong I went back to do it again. The style of the course is easy to follow and ideal if you have no knowledge of GIMP. For the price it’s an absolute bargain. Thank you!”

“Great Course

This course walks through the tools and applications in a clear and “easy-to-follow” manner and then applies these skills to create 2 book covers using Layers and filters etc. It is a great way to approach GIMP and come out on the other side feeling positive and excited about this amazing Open Source software.

It is also very helpful that the instructor has made available all the images he uses so that we can follow along easily instead of wasting time looking for something similar….which has happened in another course. Many thanks to Gimp, Udemy and Timo Hofstee.”

Everything you need to know about GIMP!

This course is more that just for making book covers. If you are clueless about GIMP, then this is the course for you. You learn everything you have to know to be able to use GIMP. I would have paid 10 times as much as I did for this course after seeing how much useful knowledge I gained from it. Timo has a very good teaching style and he covers all the bases with this training. The example book covers he does shows you how to use all the tools and techniques that he teaches in the course. I wish I could give it 6 stars!”


If you don’t want to bother with coupon codes, you can jump straight to my course on Udemy, by clicking here.

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