How to Find Golden Keywords with Google Keyword Planner?

Find Golden Keywords 270x409About 2 weeks ago I was investigating the creation of a new website in the fitness category.

This, because I’ve worked for a couple of years in that domain, so I thought : let’s investigate if there is an opportunity somewhere. And I started out with some keyword research.

First I sat down for 2 hours with Market Samurai. a wonderful piece of software. And when I was done with that, I asked myself : How much time would it take if I did NOT had market samurai?

Could I have done the same thing just with the free Google Keyword Planner (GKP) tool? Instead of keeping mumbling in my head I decided to give it a try. Knowing in advance that it would take me much more time. But I just wanted to make sure that , yes, this is possible by using only a free tool.

I mean not everybody has the financial possibilities to buy a piece of software for around $100.

So I sat down for a day and started to fiddle around with GKP. And I registered everything. All manipulations, all downloads, all sorting in spreadsheets and after a long session, I came to the conclusion : YES, you can do all this just by using GKP and a basic spreadsheet.

And you will find the same golden nuggets !

I then decided to make a nice blog post about this, because the information was really useful. And I started creating my blog post. At the end of the day I had 5000 words and 20 pages. And that was just the introduction ! Hmm, this is a bit too much to publish as a blog post.

This whole thing was getting  a bit out of hand and was turning into a complete e-book. But maybe there existed already ebooks on that subject?  And of course, there were dozens of them. So I ordered a couple of these and read them.

But I was disappointed with the results. Why? For various reasons:

-Some of them promised to show how to find good keywords with free keyword tools. But when I installed this software, either it didn’t work, or it came in a limited version which only gave me keywords from A to G. Big help.

-Or it gave me 5 search results and then blocked with something like “you have used your daily quota of search results”.

-Or the software in the book was outdated.

-Or I got the complete version on trial … for 2 days… : (

And when I did fall onto some interesting piece of software, the explanation of how to use it and how to go straight to a golden nugget, was confusing at best.

In short, I didn’t find what I was looking for. And I decided to write my own book on the subject. With 4 objectives in mind:

-Explain people how to find keywords with the FREE Google Keyword Planner.

-Show them a methodology to find the shortest path to find golden nuggets. And there are tens of thousands of them!

-Show the readers, how to do this even faster with a piece of software that you install on your computer.

-And explain all this in easy to understand terminology.

I mean, when I start reading a book on the subject, and in the first chapter I read :

“You should be looking for a keyword with high CR , combined with an excellent CTR and low SEOTC, preferably with an EMD available” .

then I want to do only one thing : Close the book..

Did I read ALL the books on keyword research? No, of course not.

Is this book MUCH better than the others? That’s up to you, the reader, to decide. I’ve spend several weeks researching this field and I can say that this book contains a solid method to find GOOD keywords. If not excellent.

But you should judge for yourself.

In this book I describe, in detail, how I use the free Google Keyword Planner (GKP) for my research. But, as you will see, GKP is not the most convenient tool to do this kind of work. And there are great tools out there that can do the same, but much faster. And for me, time is money.

Therefore,  to be as complete as possible, I have also included a complete walk-through for a paid tool . Market Samurai. And although it has a paid version, the complete free trial version is valid for 40 days (at the time of writing). That should be enough to go through all of the options of this extremely useful tool.

So if you want to know the whole story (sorry, it turned out at 144 pages), have a look at my latest ebook “Find GOLDEN keywords with FREE software” .

Have a look at it now and discover how YOU can also start digging up those golden nuggets with Google Keyword Planner.