17 Great Ways to Make Money with Online Surveys

There are numerous sites that you can use to earn money by filling out online surveys. Here is a list of 17 sites, that are trusted and reliable.

1. www.cashcrate.com : On this site, you can earn a bit of cash in lots of different ways. Try new products, filling out research surveys, shopping, referrals, socializing, and playing games. Payouts vary from a couple of cents to 1000$, depending on your time and efforts. The most well-known way of making money with Cashgate is by participating in free offers. These offers are supported by advertisers and let you earn free cash by requesting information from a variety of products and services. For more details check out their complete guide on http://www.cashcrate.com/make-money-online

2. www.gifthulk.com . Their slogan is “They say nothing is free. We disagree”. And indeed, you can sign up for free and start earning money with several online activities. Complete surveys, search, play games . Here you earn ‘Hulk Coins’. Use the GiftHulk search engine and you earn a fixed amount for searching. Invite your friends and you will also get paid on these referrals. You can also earn by writing a blog post or even making your YouTube video !

3. Dollar survey. www.dollarsurveys.net . Take a quick survey and earn $1 via PayPal. You can take several surveys every day. Paid already out over 2 million dollars in rewards.

4. Myview : www.myview.com . Sign up and fill in surveys about

  • Never-before-seen movie trailers
  • New tools and solutions for IT Professionals
  • Cutting edge tools and solutions for IT pros
  • The latest fashion trends
  • New video games
  • Health topics
  • Business issues, large and small
  • And much, much more

In return, you earn valuable rewards that you can spend all over the web.

5. I-say : www.i-say.com . Sign up for a free account. You can win cash, gift cards and donations.

6. Paid surveys at home. This is one of the better sites. Fast payouts  . You can earn anywhere from $5 till $75 for a survey. Fast payout.

7. Clear voice surveys : www.clearvoicesurveys.com . Get paid to take real surveys from market research companies.

8. Get Cash for Surveys : For those who want to make money fast with online surveys. If you are serious about online surveys then you should checkout this one.

9. Ipoll : www.ipoll.com . Get paid to tell what you think about their products. $5 sign up bonus. You can take these surveys anywhere because they work also on mobile. Thus you can earn some cash when sitting in your office or on the beach.

10. Ipsos panel : www.iap-interactive.com . Your (free) account will be credited with points as soon as you complete a survey. Points can be exchanged for vouchers & gift cards.

11. SurveysPaid . Here on this site you can specify how much you want to earn per survey. According to their site you can make $500 per week and more. Definitely worth to take a look at.

12. MySurvey. www.mysurvey.com Discover the Power of Your Opinion and get rewards for free money, gift cards, cash coupons and vouchers! Have fun and get paid for doing surveys

13. Survey Spot : www.surveyspot.com Lots of fun surveys with a minimum cash payout amount of just $5.

14. GlobalTestMarket : www.globaltestmarket.com . One of the bigger survey sites. This site sends lots of survey invites. But you may only qualify for them 20-30% of them. You can cash out as soon as your account reaches $50.

15. SurveySavvy . www.surveysavvy.com . You can get paid for online surveys and if you bring in friends. You can also install the SavvyConnect software that includes you in behavioral market research while you browse the internet. You can earn $500 if you win the Superstar contest entry.

16. PineCone Research : www.pineconeresearch.com Surveys typically take 15-20 minutes . You can earn up to $3 for a survey.

17. Opinion Outpost : www.opinionoutpost.com : Take online surveys about electronics, medicine, politics, sports, advertisements, appliances or even what you eat for breakfast. You can earn points and redeem them for cash and other great rewards. Every quarter a winner will receive $10.000 !