Create Your Own Professional Book Covers

The Complete Book Cover Creation Guide

This book is a complete guide to book cover creation. Without the fluff !

In the first part you will learn what makes a good book cover. Both for fiction and non-fiction books.

-What makes a good book title and how to create one.
-The importance of blurbs, subtitles and testimonials.
-How to select colors.
-How to select fonts and where to find them.
-The importance of images and where to find good ones.
-How to select the right resolution for your book cover
-The importance of thumbnails
-Awards and bestseller blurbs or images
-The most important thing on your cover
-Visual branding

In the second part you will learn how to create professional book covers yourself with free software. You will learn all the basic operations you need to compose and create book covers that sell. It also contains lots of step-by-step examples how to :

-make selections.
-draw text with outlines, drop shadows etc.
-quickly skim through hundreds of fonts to find the right one.
-resizing and cropping
-removing imperfections
-making image compositions
-layer management and masks
-filters and paint tools

Etc.etc. This book is for complete beginners. Even if you have never touched image editing software, you will be able to create beautiful covers when you have finished this book.

The book also contains three full examples how to create real existing covers, explaining step-by-step how they were created.

Part I and Part II are also available as separate books. But you save 30% if you buy this bundle instead of the individual books!

Here is an example of a book cover that I will go through in detail on how to create a cover like that.

love and passion cover


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