Do you googlelize?

googleI think that most of the people who are active on the internet know what “to socialize” means. To socialize is being active on the social media : Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

Now, there is another  thing which I think is very important when you are going to explore online internet opportunities. And that is, the importance of Google in the whole equation of your success. This depends also a bit on what kind of online business you’re going into.

When you are going to sell second-hand stuff on Ebay, you don’t have to worry that much about SEO or pagerank or keywords. Most of that is taken care of by Ebay. You buy your products, make your listings, put them online and wait. When a customer buys your product, you ship it and get paid.

However, when you are going to pursue in any activity that requires a website, you have to spend some time on understanding what is SEO, how search engines work, what is important on your site and what isn’t. But most of all, you have to understand how Google works.

Google uses an algorithm to rank sites, using a lot of different parameters.  The titles of your pages, your domain name, the number of visitors, the number of backlinks, etc.etc.

No one really knows how this algorithm works, so the only way to find out , is by trial and error. Do something on your site, for example, use HTML headers H1, H2 instead of just bolding the text, and see what happens.

Some people have become experts in this field. This is what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about. And although nobody knows the exact formula, by using large databases of data, some things become clear, what Google “likes” and what they don’t like.

Google’s business, is to provide the best information possible, given a certain search on a keyword.  What Google likes :

  • Fresh content
  • Relevant content
  • Unique content
  • Backlinks. You can see these as a vote for your site. The more votes/backlinks you have the more Google will like your site.
  • Sites that are properly build. This means: proper headings, tags, keywords etc. Their robots have to be able to figure out what your pages are about.

And a lot more. Now, to do all these things that Google likes, some people try to shortcut the system. Or in other words, they try to fool Google.

Google is , at the moment of this writing, the 2nd biggest company in the world (in capitalization), after Apple. These are not a bunch of geeks in a garage. These are very smart people. And they are around 50.000.

So, trying to outsmart them is like trying to win a 100m sprint against Hussein Bolt, when you have never ran a mile in your life. In short, I recommend strongly that you don’t use tactics, strategies, tools and what have you, to try to improve your ranking. What Google doesn’t like ? Well , a bit the opposite of what I just wrote :

  • Thin sites
  • Sites that are never updated
  • Sites that have poor content
  • Sites with content that they cannot figure out what it is (flash etc.)
  • Sites that don’t have unique content

And what they really hate, is people who try to cheat their system. Some practices of these are :

  • Link farms
  • Automatically generated backlinks
  • Spinning content (rewriting the same article in 25 different ways)
  • Keyword stuffing

You can learn about all this on Google webmaster tools (

When you use any of these tactics, sooner or later they will find out, and you’re site will be de-indexed (disappear from Google). Game over. So think carefully before you consider using any shady tactics to improve your Google ranking.

Now to come back to the title of my post, how could we express this “being kind to Google” with a verb? I personally would call it “to googlelize”. I’ve searched up this word and it seems to be used sometimes by people in a phrase like “You can Googlelize me”. Meaning : You can look me up in Google. However, the far more used expression for this is : “You can Google me”.

So from now on, I will use the verb googlelize to express : being nice to Google. What do you think? Or  would you prefer Googlelove? Or Googlelike?

Let me know your preferred expression of “I do things that Google likes”.


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