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Are you looking for sites where you can promote your eBook? Here is a list of sites that I use. If you have any others, please let me know, and I update the list.

Site Conditions only free today free paid free free rev 10+ . Free today free free free free free free paid free ? free only books between 0.1 and 0.99 18+ min 4* or free 0-17 romantique paid. Min 7 days before. fiction : either 0 or min 3.5
non-fiction : min 5 3 rev free 3+ 4*+ free free no mre submissions mainly fiction 14 days in advance free free free paid must have 4 5* revs free ? ? free free fiction 20+ 4*+ free free free free paid free free free paid login fails paid free paid free paid paid 1.99 must be free when submit 3 revs 10 reviews have to subscribe a friend free

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