How to Get an 80% Conversion Rate ?

80 percent conversion rateAhhh, you want to know how I get an 80% conversion rate? Well, the fact that you are here means that you clicked on the previous page that asked you to click on the button to read the rest.

And now that you’ve learned what a conversion rate exactly is, you now also understand how easy it is to brag about an 80% conversion rate.

The “action” that I had defined for the previous page was : User clicks on

“How do I convert to 80%”.

And 80% of the people click on that button.

So that page does indeed convert to 80%. Why? Because I didn’t ask you anything special. No payment, no name, no email address, not to like me, or to follow me or to tweet me.

So I went back to my guru page, and I had a close look what he actually asked users to do. Answer : “Click to my see my FREE webinar where I tell you how to get an 80% conversion rate” !! No questions asked. No registration, no payment, no email.

Easy , huh? I hope you’ve got the message. Next time that someone talks about his page which is converting at 80%, ask him what the exact action was, what he expected the user to do ?

I’m sorry that I cannot give you the answer on : “How do I turn 80% of potential buyers into REAL paying customers?

Because I don’t have the answer, and I have never heard of anybody achieving that kind of results on a pure sales page.

But next time that this guru announces an 80% conversion a a sales page, I will certainly write about it !!

Keep working on your conversion rate !!

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