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Are you looking for a way to make some immediate cash on the internet?

150 Ways To Make Money Online Kindle 270x409Working from home and making a full-time income on internet is not a dream. In fact, lots of people are living the ‘internet lifestyle’. They set their own hours and work when they want and wherever they are. And you can be become one of them !

How many ways of making money online are there?

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online. This book lists 150 of them. If you are looking for an online opportunity to earn some extra money or want to know more about affiliate marketing , drop shipping etc. then this book is for you.

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Who is this book for?

This book can serve you as a starting point to learn how you can make money on the internet. If you are completely new to online opportunities and need some starting ideas then this is an excellent book. This book does not contain 150 ‘ready-to-implement’ business plans. It is a hands-on book that will point you in the right direction to get started . From very simple ways , that you can implement really in minutes, to much more elaborate ways, like affiliate marketing, drop shopping and membership sites.

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Find Golden Keywords 270x409Do you want to know how to find golden keywords with Google Keyword Planner?

One of the keys to get lots of traffic to your website, is ranking high on Google, preferably on the first page. I hear you say : “Impossible”. Well, it’s not. In this book I show you in a step-by-step process how to find THE golden nuggets with Google Keyword Planner. And there are thousands of them !! You just have to look in the right direction and know HOW to search for them

Is this easy to apply and does it work?

Yes ! This book is for the complete novice. And even for advanced users there is some really useful information in this book. As with all my books, all steps are extremely well explained in a detailed step-by-step approach. In this book I explain THREE methods how to get to REAL results. In the book I take you through a real life example that I did online ‘off-the-cuff’. And I found keywords that all scored on the FIRST page of Google.


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Who is this book for?

This book is for everyone that writes articles or that want to setup a website and asks themselves THE question : What should I target? . How do people FIND my work? Because, even if your work is EXTREMELY good, if no one can find it, then it’s useless. This book will show you in the usual ‘no-fluff’ writing how to find keywords that score ! No previous knowledge necessary. If you know how to click on buttons in Google Keyword Planner and you know how to handle a spreadsheet, you’re in !!

As an added bonus, I have added an additional step-by-step approach how to do the same task, but with Market Samurai. But that is just optional for those that want to take the FAST track.

Get started NOW and find those golden nuggets.

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The Ultimate Kindle Formatting GuideDo you want to sell MORE books?

Formatting a book the right way so that it displays correctly on all the different electronic devices like Kindles, PCs, mobiles and laptops can be a real headache. After having read a lot of articles, books and blog postings on the subject I didn’t really find THE guide I was looking for :complete, simple and straight forward without the fluff.

A better formatted book means: No negative reviews due to formatting issues and therefore : more SALES!!

This guide takes you step by step, with lots of screenshots, through the whole process, how to format your Word document to make it look good and professional on any Kindle device.

This Guide covers EVERYTHING you need to know (and more): headings, paragraphs, indents, bullet lists, table of contents, fonts and font sizes, colors, styles, negative margins, hyperlinks, bookmarks, images, TABs, indents, wildcard find & replace , Ecovers, uploading, testing and publishing.

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Once you have gone through this guide, all your following books will be a piece of cake to get them published on Amazon.

Who is this book for?
This book was written with the complete novice in mind. If you want to get simple and direct explanations on HOW to do the formatting, without being
bothered about dpi, CMYK, Unicode, UTF-8 and other technical terms, then this book is for you.

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Are you going to publish a book, or did you publish a book and it is not selling well?

How to make money with ebooks orange 270x409The difference between a book that sells and one that doesn’t sell, is the way you market your book! This book contains the most complete collection of marketing tactics that you can apply to sell more books!

This book will explain EVERYTHING you will need to know to make your book a success.
* Amazon best sellers rank. What is it? How is it calculated?

* How to choose the right categories. Why submission categories are different from Amazon’s categories.

* Category rankings. What they are and how to select the right category

* How to choose the right Keywords and Tags

Yes I want it button* How to Analyze the Competition

* How to Format your eBook

* How to set the right price

* How to setup Tracking codes. This will tell you what works and what doesn’t

* Where to submit your book for downloads

* How to track your sales

* 16 Twitter groups where you can announce your book

* 24 Facebook group to spread the word about your book

* 57 websites where you can announce your book for FREE

* 28 sites for paid promotions

* 4 sites to get reviews for your book

* How to sell your book through affiliates
And A LOT more….

Who should absolutely read this book?

This book is for authors that have written an eBook and that are now confronted with the question: How do I sell it? This book is written for people who publish their book on Amazon, although about 80% of the advice can also be applied to other publishing platforms. No special knowledge is required. Everything is explained in easy to understand terminology including step-by-step screenshots.

Who this book is NOT for

If you have already sold 100.000 books, or if you have published already 20 titles, part of that success is probably caused by the fact that you master for at least 80% of what is in this book. Or maybe even more. Or you have outsourced the complete marketing of your books. But maybe you still find some golden nuggets in here that you weren’t aware of.

Don’t hesitate any longer. The price of this book is really ridiculous compared to what it will do for your sales.

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Amazon Reviews Exposed 270x409

Amazon Reviews Exposed is an Invaluable Resource for Amazon Authors and Sellers!

Anyone that is selling eBooks or other products on Amazon will sooner or later ask the question: “How do I get reviews?”

Reviews influence sales. And since there is financial gain at stake, certain authors and sellers don’t hesitate to game the system with fake reviews.

This book has valuable information that you NEED to know.

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How are fake reviews created? And do they work? How many fake reviews are there on Amazon? How do you detect them? What does Amazon do about these reviews (WARNING!! Your Amazon account may be at stake)? How do reviews influence sales? Does it pay to use fake reviews? Or are there ethical ways to get genuine reviews?

The author thoroughly investigated the obscure world of fake reviews, bought reviews, review circles and other “black hat” tactics that people use in an attempt to trick the Amazon review system. This book is about his amazing discoveries.

For a laugh, the author included a hilarious chapter with fake review bloopers and a top 10 of the most funny reviews.

So if you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes of Amazon reviews, or have been thinking about buying reviews, don’t hesitate to get Amazon Reviews Exposed.

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This book is a complete guide to book cover creation. Without the fluff !

The Complete Book Cover Creation Guide09
In the first part you will learn what makes a good book cover. Both for fiction and non-fiction books.

-What makes a good book title and how to create one.
-The importance of blurbs, subtitles and testimonials.
-How to select colors.
-How to select fonts and where to find them.
-The importance of images and where to find good ones.
-How to select the right resolution for your book cover
-The importance of thumbnails
-Awards and bestseller blurbs or images
-The most important thing on your cover
-Visual branding

In the second part you will learn how to create professional book covers yourself with free software. You will learn all the basic operations you need to compose and create book covers that sell. It also contains lots of step-by-step examples how to :

-make selections.
-draw text with outlines, drop shadows etc.
-quickly skim through hundreds of fonts to find the right one.
-resizing and cropping
-removing imperfections
-making image compositions
-layer management and masks
-filters and paint tools

Etc.etc. This book is for complete beginners. Even if you have never touched image editing software, you will be able to create beautiful covers when you have finished this book.

The book also contains three full examples how to create real existing covers, explaining step-by-step how they were created.

Scroll back up to the Buy Button and start making your own amazing book covers now !

Part I and Part II are also available as separate books. But you save 30% if you buy this bundle instead of the individual books!
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